Booxilla is a literary enterprise that aims to promote digital Hebrew culture.

Many readers often say – “There’s nothing like the smell of a book …” – There is truth in the saying and a reader can’t disconnect from this concept and nostalgia, nor need to. Digital reading is a wonderful addition to a different kind of reading platform. We believe the Hebrew reader is now ready for the digital age of reading and is in search for the convenience this facility can bring.

We strongly believe in the compatibility that the dual possibilities of reading – print and digital – adds to the reading experience, joy and pleasure from good content. We want us all to continue to enjoy the best of both worlds by adding to Hebrew culture the most progressive and convenient textural possibilities.

The digital book market in Israel is still in its infancy, and Hebrew-language digital book readers and content are not satisfactory. We intend to meet these needs by contributing to the availability of good quality and interesting digital books to be accessible on all digital platforms and become a major contributor in building this market.


Sharon Almog, Editor of literature and language. MA in Hebrew literature, from the publishing program of Ben-Gurion University and a certificate in Editing from Bar Ilan University.

Ilan Boock, Director of projects in information management systems.

BVC Investments and Services Ltd. BVC has invested in start up technologies and provides investment and management services to public and private companies. BVC’s clients include companies in telecommunications, healthcare, media, and financial services.

– See more at: http://www.booxilla.com/

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